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Alex Darke
Alex Darke Host

Dear Fellow Fearless Filmmakers,

I came to be a filmmaker in a roundabout way. I wasn’t one of those kids who made elaborate movies in his back yard with his dad’s super 8 camera. Instead, growing up in Las Vegas, I was fascinated by magic.

One day, I saw a television show on the Discovery Channel called Movie Magic that went behind the scenes of big Hollywood movies and TV series to show how they were made. I was hooked instantly. After seeing those characters come to life and learning the secrets behind the magic of movies, I was determined to go out to LA and become a filmmaker.

I have now been in the industry for 15 years, been nominated for an Emmy or two, produced multiple films, shot and lit thousands of episodes of television, and have worked with numerous legends in the industry.

I consider myself to be very lucky. This is a really tough industry with loads of competition. I’ve had many opportunities and experiences that most don’t get. With Filmmaking Central, I aim to share those experiences and help other filmmakers break through and earn their moment in the spotlight.

To your continued success,

Alex Darke