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My self is David Robert. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist. A Computer Science graduate with expertise knowledge in SEO, SMO ONpage, & Google ads. I have an enthusiast who seeks to learn about trending technologies in the digital field and implement the same.
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Omonike Akinyemi
Film Director and Choreographer
I am looking to find ways to produce films in this environment of quarantine. Looking for possible brainstorming with other filmmakers about technology of use like CGI, green screen, etc... I am a filmmaker and dance choreographer.
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30 years after, I'm try to start again.
NT, new possibilities +are vital experience :)
The impossibility to contact the human civilization straight away or may be the desire to get a more objective picture of the world pushed the pilots towards the methodology of building u[ the image of the Erath Civilization on the basis of the analyses of the human activity products.
Listen to Episode 001 of the No-Budget Filmmaking Podcast - To Shot List or Not To Shot List BUT This content is not available in your country.
Nice :)

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Hi, my name is Leonardo, I'm a Senior Digital Matte Painter with 20 years experience in Post-production including:Shows, Projection Mapping, Matte-Painting, Commercials, Motion Graphics & animation, Bumps & vfx work, TV Series, Corporate Videos, Games, Web Series and Interactive Medias
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Sometimes is hard to have the whole budget to do a film, get investors take time as well. This platform can help, maybe we can form a group and work a film by collaboration, one can provide the camera, another some actors, get locations, maybe someone here knows editing and as a team the creation of a good film can become a great success. I wish can get part of a group of people with the desire of create working in a group.
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I'm an independent filmmaker and I really love to do movies, however I guess that working as a team can get better results to working alone and I hope to find people who has the same idea. Co-produce a film can be a great and successful experience.
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Hello Everyone,
I just joined this community! Looking forward to reading all the great info and resources.

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Mike Hall
Mike Hall Film composer
Looking to Paint your Artistic Visions with Sound.
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